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Top 10 Study Abroad Destinations for Indian students

Studying Abroad gives added advantage of internationally recognized degree with little extra cost. All countries invite Indian applicants to study and work at ease. But where to go; which college, course or country to chose are some general questions continuously bothers new applicants. To help you in Purpose Study Abroad I have complied here Top 10 Study Abroad Destinations for 2016 - 2017 academic year.

Why Canada is the Best Country for Overseas Education?

Have a plan of continuing your higher education abroad? Does USA sound too mainstream to you? Have you ever given a thought to Canada? No? Well, let me introduce to you the various aspects of overseas education in Canada. Read the article to get to know about famous scholarships, whether you can work while you study in Canada, the top 5 universities in Canada and much more.

How to choose the right educational consultant for overseas education

Are you aspiring to study abroad? Searching for information about various foreign universities and the programs, they offer? Then you will benefit by taking help of an educational consultant. In this article, you will find some guidelines and tips on how to choose the right educational consultant and get admission to the program of your choice in any university abroad. Read on to know more.

Best universities and colleges in UAE

This article will help all students who are looking forward for their higher studies in UAE. You can get all details of some leading universities and colleges from this article. As this article will provide you contact details of all universities and colleges, you can inquire about courses and fee structure.

Why New Zealand is the Best Country for Studying Overseas?

Who doesn't want to go overseas for higher education, especially the students in India? After running a scan on a number of countries in the league, we've got to tell you it's New Zealand. Read the article and find out why. We've got a special section on 'Ease of Visa Acquisition', which you mustn't omit at any cost. Go through the article and you just might fall in love with these premium universities in New Zealand.

How to apply for student visa to Australia?

Applying for a student visa to Australia? Find out the application process, the fees involved, the importance of obtaining a COE and more information to make the process of application as smooth as possible.

Top 10 books to crack the GMAT and get a good score

Which GMAT guide book do you prepare from to begin your preparations or take your scores to the next level? This list takes a look at the top 10 guidebooks for GMAT preparation in Verbal, Quantitative, Analytical Writing Assessment and Integrated Reasoning sections.

Financial aid for higher studies in Australia

Students looking for financial assistance for pursuing higher studies and research in Australia have a number of scholarships, grants and fellowships to turn to, offered by the Australian Government, Commonwealth organizations, the Rotary Club and other bodies.

How to apply for a UK Student Visa

UK student visas for Indian students are Tier 4 (general) visas that can be applied for online or at a visa application center near you. Find out the process of application, including how to fill the application form, the interview process and other information.

How to find a part-time job in Australia as a student

Indian students in Australia can work part time in paid jobs, internships, volunteer programs and elsewhere. Students looking to work part time have a restriction on the number of hours they can work, but they should also be aware of their rights at work.

How to write an SOP (Statement of Purpose)

A statement of purpose (SOP) is a reflection of the applicant's academic achievements as well as vision and goals for the future. An SOP can make or break your admission to the international university of your choice. Take a look at tips on how to write an SOP.

How to apply for admissions to undergraduate courses abroad

The UK, US, Australia and Singapore are popular destinations for Indian students seeking undergraduate education. Each country has a different application process which is described here to help students get started on their applications.

Popular Scholarship Programs in Singapore

Singapore offers a large number of scholarships to international students, including Indian students. The process for applying for scholarship is simple. Every scholarship or grant is different and you can find details of the most popular scholarships on this page.

Top 5 MBA scholarships for Indian students for study in the USA

Cost of pursuing an MBA course in the US can be major hurdle for prospective students. The good news is that there are a number of MBA scholarships that can help with the funding. Here is a list of a few fellowship programmes that Indian students wanting to pursue an MBA in the US can apply for.

How to apply for MBA in USA

How do I apply for an MBA in the US? When do universities begin accepting applications? How important is the GMAT score? How do I make my application stand out? Does an LOR qualify? What do I put down in the SOP? Find answers to this and more.

How to apply for UG Program in US Universities

This featured article illustrates important factors to consider before applying for admission in a university in the US. Key factors involving the entire admission process are illustrated here. This is a guide that answers all questions about getting admission in a US university.

How to get scholarships for Indian students to study abroad

Indians who want to study abroad at undergraduate and postgraduate levels have plenty of scholarship options available from UK, US and other universities. Learn about some of the top scholarships available to you, and visit the MHRD website for more.

Best websites for GMAT preparation

The GMAT is one of the most competitive of examinations providing students the opportunity to pursue their dream of getting admission into MBA programs in prestigious US business schools. Check out how you can use the best online resources to conquer the GMAT demon.

Studied MS in the US - My experiences and lessons learnt

Studying abroad can mean different things to different people. I share my experience as a student in the US. I learned some valuable lessons and would do things differently, given a second chance. Read on to learn from my experience and you'll perhaps make better choices.

Cheapest European Countries to Study Abroad

There is one major spoke that comes in the way of Indian students wanting to study abroad and that is the cost of tuition fee. It's a myth that all foreign universities are expensive. There are many European nations that offer world class education at nominal fees. Don't believe that to be true? Read on.

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