How to find a part-time job in Australia as a student

Indian students in Australia can work part time in paid jobs, internships, volunteer programs and elsewhere. Students looking to work part time have a restriction on the number of hours they can work, but they should also be aware of their rights at work.

Many Indian students in Australia choose to work at part-time jobs to complement their tuition and living expenses, to gain work experience in their area of interest and enjoy the personal development and growth that comes with working in a foreign culture. However, in order to make sure that they are not going against any rules and regulations that the Australian government has for employment of international students, Indian students should know the facts before they take on a part-time job.

Who is eligible for part-time jobs in Australia?

Indian students who have applied for visas after 26 April 2008 are automatically granted the permission to work by the Australian Government. If the student has a dependent family members living with them, they are also allowed to work part time. At the same time, it should be noted that part-time work can only be limited to forty hours for every two weeks (from Monday to the second Sunday) during your course of study, and during vacations, you can work as long as you want. Students who have permission to work and are enrolled in Masters Courses or Doctoral degrees can work unlimited hours after their course begins. In addition, work cannot begin until the course has started for all students.

If, for any reason, your student visa does not allow you to work while in Australia, you will need to separately apply for permission to work after your course begins. For dependents and family members who have permission to work, the 40-hour per fortnight rule also applies, except for dependents of students enrolled in Masters by coursework or research, or Doctoral degrees by research. In these cases, the dependents can work for unlimited number of hours.

For students who are below school leaving age - 15 years in most Australian states and territories - there is a rule that forbids them from working during school hours.

If your course is in session

As mentioned earlier, you can only begin working part-time if your course is already in session (a semester has begun or examinations are underway). For students who have completed their studies and are still within their 'Confirmation of Enrolment' period, the course is still considered to be in session. This means, you can continue to work even after your studies are over. If you take on an additional course, the credits for which will be credited to the principal course, the main course is still in session, allowing you to work.

What are your rights?

Everyone working in Australian Territories and states are entitled to certain basic rights at work. These apply to students working part-time as well. These rights protect the worker with:
  • Entitlement to minimum wages
  • Rest periods and breaks
  • Safe and healthy work environments
  • The right to challenge unfair dismissals

Most Australian employers are covered by an award that sets work conditions and minimum wages in a given industry or field. More information about fair work, unpaid trials, work experience and internships can be found here.

Note that anyone who works in Australia will need to obtain a tax file number. More information about obtaining this number and paying taxes is available at the Australian Taxation Office website.

Types of part time work available

There are many avenues to search for work in Australia, and part-time paid work is available in several industries including:
  • Tutoring
  • Clerical or administration roles
  • Sales and telemarketing
  • Fruit-picking and farming
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Retail

For students that have professional work experience or qualifications, they may be able to gain casual or part-time paid work in their area of expertise.

Paid or unpaid internships are also good options to explore, since they expose students to the professional, creative and financial industries. Several NGOs and charities also need volunteers to help out. Volunteering can be a good way to gain experience, make new friends and give back to the community. More information about volunteering in Australia is available here.

Finding part time work

Indian students can search in various traditional and non-traditional sources for part-time work while they are studying in Australia. These include:
  • Online job sites
  • Newspapers
  • Recruitment firms where you can register your name for short-term or casual work
  • Job notice boards at your campus or institution website
  • Also contact the international student support staff at your institution to find out about the working opportunities available at your institution

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Guest Author: Akhil13 Jul 2015

The author has covered a very good topic for an article. It is a general trend among educated unemployed youth to look for employment opportunities in developed countries. The article is likely to be informative and useful for such aspirants.

Guest Author: Akhil14 Jul 2015

The content is meant for students who want to supplement their earnings while studying at universities in Australia. It covers rules applicable to them and speaks of the entitlement of international students, wanting to work while studying. Students studying in Australia can work part-time and earn money to fund their stay. It is in the interest of international students that they follow all the rules when finding/working part-time. The good thing is there are a lot of well paying part-time jobs where students can work, during their stay in Australia.

Guest Author: rishav74508 Aug 2015

There are so many online site are providing part time jobs and they are also providing the best service with their conditions,

Part time jobs are best because people can operate from anywhere. so earn from home by doing your home work with taking care of all your sweeshearts.

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