Top 10 Study Abroad Destinations for Indian students

Studying Abroad gives added advantage of internationally recognized degree with little extra cost. All countries invite Indian applicants to study and work at ease. But where to go; which college, course or country to chose are some general questions continuously bothers new applicants. To help you I have complied here Top 10 Study Abroad Destinations for 2016.

The word Study Abroad rushes adrenaline high. The thrill of going abroad, making friends from all over the world, getting an international diploma or degree and finally winning a chance to work overseas all seems fun at first moment. However, flying abroad for study requires systematic planning and execution of it. Selecting a Study Abroad location is rigorous task. Many factors comes into consideration while deciding upon which country to chose like selection criteria, tuition fees, cost of living, visa procedure, and job prospects etc. All countries welcome international students with equal warmth and provide adequate care. Meanwhile, you have to choose a destination best suited for your academic and career needs. Every country is unique and has to offer something new to international students. To enhance your know how here I have compiled Top Ten Study Abroad Destinations for 2016

#1. The United States of America (USA)

The Universities and Academic Institutions of USA are most sought after destinations among international students. The India-USA ties are friendly hence migration is easy given you are rightly qualified to take a course in a US institution. The major advantage of choosing USA is you can meet fellow Indian students almost everywhere and you won't feel alien in foreign land. The qualification obtained from a US Academic Institution is recognized world over for the purpose of further studies and employment in the government and private sector. Are you heading to Silicone Valley??? Lucky Fellow Indeed!!!

#2. The United Kingdom (UK)

Personally I like UK for pursuing a Master Degree program as it takes only a year to complete while in India one have to spend minimum 2 years. Though there might be exceptions. But who don't like to see Buckingham's Palace? Ties between India and Great Britain are friendly so migration is not very tough for qualified candidates. For Indian students, UK is like a home away from home. Indian students are enrolled in plenty in UK's institutions, they proves helpful to newcomers. You get to know the campus, culture and city better through fellow Indians. Be wise in selecting your destination. A course in a London based institution may cost you twice than a same course in an institution based in Sheffield or Cardiff.

#3. Australia

Australia is all time hot education destination for Indian students in 2015. One of the big reasons is connections. Australia has Indians in big numbers both in Academic Institutions and outside. A fellow Indian can introduce you to Australia better. Many Australian Universities finds place in Top 100 Global University Rankings. When you migrate to Australia, you get international degree and home like ambiance. Choice of courses is very broad as well as types of qualifications offered, viz; Certificate, Diploma or Degree etc.

#4. France

The big benefit of choosing France as Study Abroad is you don't need to pay any Tuition Fees. French people are very friendly and welcoming by nature. However, French institutions requires you to understand the French language so you can stay comfortably, get to know campus and culture better and excel in career path. All sorts of courses are offered; you can choose to complete course work in English. Do you know??? French is called the Language of Love.

#5. Canada

Canada is fast emerging as Study Abroad destination. In recent years country has seen massive increase in number of international students. Some of the popular courses offered are Engineering, Animation, Biotechnology and Hospitality. The Canada's close proximity to USA makes it Hot Education Destination for International students.

#6. Russia, formerly the USSR

Are you looking for cheap international education? Russia is the answer for you. Rich in Heritage & Culture, Language & Literature and Science, Engineering & Technology Russia is preferred for study of Medicine, Engineering and Aviation etc. The ties between India and Russia are friendly. You will not only get international degree but also enjoy making friends from all over the world while staying in campus. Russian degrees, diplomas and certificates are recognized world over for further studies and applying for jobs.

#7. Singapore

Singapore is a home away from home for Indian students. Cafes in Singapore are famous for churning out best brains. Grab your laptop, head to any Café in Singapore whether day or night, make presentations, complete college assignments or plan to be next big entrepreneur. People of Singapore are very friendly in nature. Also you will meet there huge pools of Indians. Accommodating to new culture is pretty easy. And when you feel like treating your buds with something home like head to any Indian Restaurant.

#8. New Zealand

The New Zealand is emerging as hot education destination for international students. In recent past country has witnessed 400% increase in the enrollment of international students. Whole ranges of courses are available; science, engineering, technology, medicine, hospitality to name a few. To meet study cost you can chose to work part time. Most of the colleges and universities allows for 20 hour work week. Visa procedure is pretty normal, also you can avail scholarships, freeships or study loans.

#9. Germany

Personally, I am passionate about Max Planck Institute, Munich. I wish I could be there. Now it's your call. Germany is very advanced in modern technologies. You can get to learn whole range of courses from German Academic Institutions viz; arts, humanities, history, mathematics, sciences, engineering, medicine, hospitality etc. Studying in Germany requires you some tongue twisting. Start learning German to qualify for Visa Application. You can pursue a course in English, but knowledge of basic German is required for day to day basis. You can meet many fellow Indian students studying in Germany who will prove helpful in introducing to the new culture. In recent years, German Universities recorded 70% increase in enrollment of Indian students.

# 10. Italy

The Italian Republic has many numbers of institutions to fulfill your appetite for foreign education. Also Italy is home to huge Indian population along with Chinese, Moroccan and Philippinos etc. Italy welcomes international students with great enthusiasm. You will meet many fellow Indians and Asians inside campus. So setting up in Italy is pretty easy. The University of Bologna in Italy established in 1088 is believed as oldest institutions of the country. Whole range of courses are available through Italian institutes; Arts, Architecture, Mathematics, Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Hospitality etc. To meet study cost you can avail scholarships and work part time.

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