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How to refer your friends and earn referral bonus

This page explains how to invite your friends to this site and earn up to Rs 750 referral bonus per referral.

You may invite your friends to this site using your referral link and get up to Rs 750 referral bonus per invited friend.

The amount you can receive as referral bonus depends on how much your referred friend contribute to this site. When the member level of the referred friend go up, your referral bonus also will go up.

Referral bonus chart:

You will be given referral bonus for your invited friends as shown below:

Register and validate email address (Bronze level): Rs 1
Silver level: Rs 10
Gold Level: Rs 100
Diamond Level: Rs 250
Platinum Level: Rs 500

Maximum bonus per referral: Rs 750 (500 + 250)

When your invited friend register and validate the email address, you will get Rs 1 bonus. When your friend is promoted to Silver level, you will get Rs 10 bonus instead of Rs 1. When the referral becomes Gold level, you will get Rs 100 instead of the previous Rs 1 and Rs 10.

When the member levels go down, the referral bonus will also go down automatically in the above cases (Bronze, Silver, Gold bonus).

However, in case of Diamond Bonus, the Rs 250 you get will never be cancelled even if your referral goes down to lower levels.

The rule is different for Platinum level. If your Diamond level referral changes to get Platinum level, you will get an additional Rs 500 bonus and the Rs 250 will remain there. So a total of Rs 500 + 250 will be paid to you.

NOTE: If your only earnings is from referral bonus, we may hold your payment until you participate in other sections of this site and earn revenue equivalent to your referral bonus earnings.

If you create fake accounts to earn referral bonus or if you create another duplicate account for yourself, we may cancel your referral bonus. We deal with fake accounts very strictly, which include penalty or cancellation of your entire cash credits.

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