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Keyword spamming is not allowed

This page explains what is keyword spamming and how to avoid it.

Adding too many keywords to any post to trick or cheat search engines and attempt to show the page in search results for various keywords is called keyword spamming.

Keyword spamming is not allowed in any sections of this website.

You may be banned from posting in this site if you are found to be using Keyword spamming. The following are typical examples of keyword spamming commonly used by members:

1. Using multiple keywords in the title of the posts

2. Using several keywords separated by comma or in some other manner in the summary or description

3. Adding too many keywords as tags.

4. Making several words in bold within a post. (Typically, you should not make more than 1 term bold per paragraph).

5. Repeating same keyword in several headings within a post.

6. Using "|" symbol or comma to separate multiple keywords in title are strictly not allowed.

Here is some typical examples of title with keyword spamming:

Keyword spamming: "Indian budget 2011, budget of India 2011, budget news"
Good title: "Budget of India 2011"

Keyword spamming: "Valentine Day 2011 Kolkata Nightclubs Offers Dinner Disco Party DJ Nights Dating Places in Kolkata"
Good title: "Valentines day 2011 celebrations and disco parties in Kolkata"

Keyword spamming is cheating search engines. Your post and this site itself may be black listed by search engines for keyword spamming. So, we strictly enforce this rule and do not allow any kind of keyword spamming

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